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Learn from the BEST in the business

SaaSy Sales Management was created to fulfil the vision of CEO, Matt Cameron, paired with a sense of responsibility that he felt to the growing community of sales managers – He has brought together some of the best leaders in the world and​ created a SaaS specific program unlike any other. Saasy Sales Management was created to give you the opportunity to learn from the top names in the game and to network with alumni peers.

Training That Sticks

84% of sales training content is lost after 90 days. We reinforce our boot-camps with a 2 month online certification and a peer support community.

Exceed Your Sales Quota

Companies who allocate more than 50% of overall sales training budget toward management outperform their goals by 15% – Our alumni dramatically improve the results of their teams.

Frontline and VP Sales management

Sales Managers: We are proud to host Frontline, our 2-day event and 2-month learning reinforcement program that delivers the practices from the fastest growing SaaS businesses in the world to participating sales managers. In this bootcamp you get the opportunity to work one-on-one with a recognized leader and join a network with other SaaS sales leaders around the world.

VP of Sales:  A two day intensive for VPs running orgs less than $50M in ARR that covers all the disciplines that you now need to be expert in – AEs, SDRs, Enablement, Operations and Pre-sales.  At the end of this course you will be able to confidently plan, hire and operate a world-class SaaS sales organization.

SE Leadership Black Belt Program

The Black Belt workshop is the industry’s first Pre-Sales leadership workshop, focused on the collaboration, acceleration, and impact of the Sales Engineering leadership practice. This critically acclaimed program teaches industry-proven approaches and programs from some of the world’s most successful SaaS companies, and provides insights for presales leaders of all experience levels. Designed with a combination of lecture, discussion, workshop exercises, and networking, the topics cover the full execution and human lifecycles of running an SE team. Backed up by 2 months of program reinforcement via e-learning, and active membership in a global leadership network, this program ensures continual learning, growth, and community.

Mentorship and Coaching

The head of sales role can be extremely stressful in a high growth, uncertain environment. I know, I’ve lived it. That’s why we’ve created a mentorship program that pairs experienced revenue leaders with your sales manager on a weekly basis. If you would like your leader to have the support of someone who has built a business from $1M to $50M, then get in touch and we will look to see if we have a match.

CEO of SaaSy Sales Management

Matt Cameron

My name is Matt Cameron and I absolutely love what I do – Working with the highest growth Saas companies in the world, helping to train Sales Managers to become emerging leaders. I feel very fortunate to have worked with and learned from the best global sales executives the industry has to offer. So much so that I created a company around it (SalesOps Central), a global SaaS sales training organization (SaaSy Sales Management), and a network of mentors and coaches. It is my passion to expand this globally connected, collegiate and world-class community of sales leaders to elevate the experience of everyone in the profession.


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