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Take your enablement role to the next leval and become an ‘Accelerator’!

Who is enabling YOU?

Regardless of your title, you have been tasked to accelerate the success of sales individuals and the sales organization. The problem that you have probably faced is that you are often building these teams with little support or access to best practices. As much time as you spend enabling the success of the sales team, you actually need training and support yourself. Accelerators will give you the strategy and best practices of building a world class sales enablement program, as well as hands on feedback and support on your current programs. You will walk out of this program with programs that you can put into place immediately as well as a new network of top notch sales enablers.

All participants will stay connected via our private social network where best practices are shared and peer support flourishes

Who is enabling YOU?
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Accelerator Worldwide Bootcamp Locations

Our bootcamps sell out fast so make sure to register at the location of your choosing. We keep the events to a small group in order to give all accelerators the attention they deserve.


Session Topics Covered

This is a handcrafted intensive program specifically for SaaS and software sales managers. The very best practices as deployed by the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this one of a kind program.

Sales Enablement Roles and Responsibilities

Today you might be an army of one, an army of few, or even have no one purely focused on Sales Enablement. You will learn how to build a Sales Enablement org from the ground up, as well as learn your own progression path.


Strong onboarding is essential for a rapidly growing company. You will learn how to uplevel your own program through best practice sharing, a maturity model, and hands on coaching.

Ongoing Learning

Once your reps are in place, how do you make sure that they are predictably selling at their full potential? We will discuss competitive intelligence, ongoing skills training, promotion tracks, and Go To Market support

Managing the Grey Space of Sales Enablement

One of the most difficult parts of running Sales Enablement are managing and working within the grey areas. Learn how to gain executive support, how to work across and with multiple orgs and build a collaborative culture of success.

The pillars of Sales Enablement

Instructional design, facilitation, sales process & methodology, basics of product marketing… there is so much to learn in Sales Enablement. We will learn the basics of good sales enablement, while building up a network of support.

Showing Success

How DO you track the success of Sales Enablement. We will learn best practices for tracking and showing success for sales enablement programs and courses.

SaaSy Sales Management

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