SE Leadership Black Belt Workshop

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The SE Leadership Institute delivers

Our programs are a collaboration with the SE Leadership Institute – An unparalleled combination. All participants will stay connected via our private social network where best practices are shared and peer support flourishes. Our trainees ensure that their team(s):

  • Drive top line revenue, win rates, and deal size
  • Establish customer trust in the sales cycle
  • Improve product quality and road-map​
  • Differentiate your solutions from the competition


SE Leadership Worldwide Bootcamp Locations

Our bootcamps sell out fast so make sure to register at the location of your choosing. We keep the events to a small group in order to give all accelerators the attention they deserve.


Session Topics Covered

The SE Leadership Black Belt Bootcamp is a 2-day handcrafted intensive program specifically for SaaS and software SE leaders. The very best practices as deployed by the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this program.


Your team’s clarity of vision and charter aligns your teams efforts, resources, and engagement to be its most effective and impactful. Whether building your first charter or evolving it as you and your company grows, direct discussions and workshops will help you to better frame the principles that guide the organization, and manage your team.


The SE Leader is tasked with many direct, and influence-based roles. This section discusses these many roles in detail, universally applicable to any SE Leader. Emotional Intelligence practices to drive performance, leadership, and teamwork as supervisor, coach, leader, and executive are emphasized. High focus on peer exercises and workshops around tradeoff evaluations and roleplaying common yet difficult scenarios.


Iterate or improve discipline and focus on your SE team with discussions on Sales Cadence, Coverage Strategies, and Technical Forecast Strategies. Also reviewed are the latest strategies around group and individual meeting management, individual deal reviews, sales reporting and QBRs.


Standardizing and driving the highest levels of professional execution is the hallmark of a world-class SE Team. This section covers measurement of SE’s throughout the sales cycle (assignment to attainment KPIs), core systems and tech stack usage, Resourcing and Time Management, and establishment of a disciplined technical sales process. Pro-Tip rapid round discussions around Discovery, Demo, Objection Handling, Value Engineering, and technical closure help create actionable insights to drive immediate productivity and innovation.


The SE org at its best has established win/win interfaces with almost all departments in a company. Learn and share strategies to better establish ideal partnerships and balance throughout the company, from within the SE team, to Sales, Sales Enablement, Product Marketing, Post Sales and Success, Engineering/Product, Operations, and the C-Suite.


Your success as an SE Leader hinges on proper strategies to build and retain world class teams through culture, team diversity, career pathing, performance management, and recognition. These topics along with other team constructs like demo engineering, associate SEs, and managers-in-training programs, will help you create depth and diversity of experience and build a destination organization.


Learn and share the latest strategies to source, interview, evaluate, close, and retain top candidates.


The SE Leadership Institute delivers!

Join a community of delighted peers

"I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the training. I took away eight new ideas to implement right away and a bunch of refinements to things I was already doing. The leader of the training was VP of sales engineering at Salesforce, Box, and Mixpanel, and knows what it takes to succeed."
Maneesh Bhide
Director of Sales Engineering and Client Services, SigOpt

"The content and overall experience of the SE Leadership training was world class and provided immediate positive impact to myself, the team, and the overall organization…The collaborative hands on approach well exceeded my expectations… Not only am I a better leader from the immersive two days, but I’ve also extended my network and have a fantastic group of leaders I can connect with for future support."
Justin McManus
Head of Sales Engineering, mParticle

"I would highly recommend that any VP of Sales or Solutions send all their SE managers to this workshop. My team left with actionable insights that they were able to put into practice right away. This offering is truly unique in the market."
Kristen Faris
VP of Solutions and Sales, CheckR

"Since becoming an SE I’ve found it very challenging to find a group of peers to learn from outside my organization. By creating an environment where experienced, talented, and humble SE Leaders could gather and share best practices, Stephen and his team provided something I had not yet had access to: meaningful guidance. Over the two day workshop, I learned a lot about what makes great SE organizations flourish and had concrete takeaways and strategies that I could being to implement immediately. In addition, I connected with other SE managers who are experiencing similar challenges and now we have a common place to continue to learn from one another in an ongoing manner. The small class size environment is ideal for SEs who may not have a tendency to always pipe up even if they have great ideas. I would, and already have, recommended this workshop to anyone who is developing an SE organization, you will definitely learn something new!"
Nisha Dwivedi
SE Leader, Amplitude Analytics

"I remember when I was first promoted into an SE management position – I was helped along the way by some amazing mentors, but a structured workshop and community to share best practices across industries didn’t exist. Fast forward to 2018 and I had the pleasure of participating in a fantastic SE Leadership Institute workshop here in SF. This old dog learned some new tricks and I plan on sending any new SE leaders on my team to attend in the future!"
Kelly Brazil
VP of Solutions Engineering, Protectwise


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