SaaSy Sales Management - VP of Sales

The 2-day bootcamp for revenue leaders at <$50M ARR sales organizations
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Our capstone sales leadership program

Playmaker is the capstone program within the SaaSy Sales Management curriculum and was designed by leaders who have walked in your shoes. Our hands-on workshop will leave you confident in your ability to make the right strategic choices for your go to market model and the ability to execute through hiring and managing a high performance management team. We have brought together functional leaders from all areas to build you a framework for analyzing your business and building it out with confidence, supported by a network of SaaS VPs all facing the same challenges.

Working With The Board

You will learn how to work with your board by implementing practices that have been documented by some of the most respected venture capitalists in the valley.

Recruiting Engine

Critical to your success is the ability to attract the right profile of talent – We work through the practical elements of working with both internal and external recruiters.

Building Careers

Key to your success is creation of a sales academy within your origanization – We will learn how to construct an evidence based development path for all roles, whether you have 10 people or 100.

Winning Cultures

Culture will define your team and your legacy – We review how to define your culture as we explore case studies from around the world and get tactical on how to make them real.

Market Model and Operating Plan

ARR/MRR growth is supported by headcount and pipeline – We will teach you how to build a growth model that avoids the pitfalls of the first time VP of Sales.

Hiring Managers and Leading

Being a manager of managers is a big change – We will develop your skills in leading frontline sales managers and learn the nuances behind roles you may not have managed before: Renewals and expansion, sales development, technical pre-sales, sales operations & sales enablement.

First Two Quarters as VP of Sales

Your first six months will likely define your legacy – We work through a 180 day framework that will ensure you lay the foundation for success in the eyes of your team, peers and then board.

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